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handy woocommerce wordpress theme

The elite-authored WordPress theme called Handy was built specifically for the e-commerce market and those companies or individuals who wish to open up a shop online. This has become quite a popular way of making money and the Handy theme can help you create a website that is highly professional, completely secure, well-structured and aesthetically pleasing enough to entice site visitors to buy. This theme comes standard with many important features and customization options so every store made with it will be truly unique.

The Handy WP theme is 100% responsive and offers retina-ready graphic capabilities so mobile devices and desktop monitors with high resolutions can view it perfectly no matter what. The product presentation, handling and shopping cart processes are covered by the popular plug-in WooCommerce, which is well trusted and supported in the industry. With all these powerful backend features in place, you need a website with an appearance to match. Handy allows for WPML translation and full-color choice options that can be changed with a few simple clicks. The entire admin panel offers intuitive organization and website design capabilities to people without coding knowledge. If necessary, users can contact the individual support help system with questions about the Handy WordPress theme.


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FacePress, Facebook Clone with Front End Submissions by Templafied


This is a really cool theme, it’s called FacePress. Now, this theme has been around for almost six years and it hasn’t been updated since 2015, but it appears to be still going strong.  I’d be surprised if ThemeForest pulls it any time soon since it actually is really unique in terms of what it does.

***EDIT – looks like the theme is no longer being supported by Cosmothemes.  Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold some value for some folks who really don’t want to have to use BuddyPress for their community building theme, so I’ll leave this review here.  But please keep that in mind.

I don’t think there’s another theme out there like FacePress.

Consider FacePress a mashup between Facebook and WordPress, it’s got enough features and custom styles, you may forget which site you’re on for a while.  FacePress, built by CosmoThemes and available only on ThemeForest, is an innovative and attractive WordPress theme that has a lot of cool features.  Features like a timeline, grid and list view for posts, you can enable ‘user following’ to build an author page that’s a little bit different than most, there are multiple layouts and multiple skinds too.

FacePress is easy to customize, easy to create content with and it’s highly well developed, with pristine code and fantastic documentation.  You can even allow your users to submit content with front end submissions, permitting users to create video, image, audio, text and other posts from the front end.  That’s pretty cool, especially if you’re building a community around specific niche topic.

FacePress - Community Content Sharing

FacePress isn’t a BuddyPress theme, or at least it doesn’t claim BuddyPress compatibility, but you may never need it.  (BuddyPress themes are here.)  FacePress is so similar to Facebook, you might not know the difference.  Okay, you will know the difference, but the feature set is quite similar.  Striking, really.

There are multiple layouts available, multiple skins too.  You can create unlimited custom posts, there are custom post settings too.  A user profile page, very similar to what BuddyPress can do, but it’s all done inside the theme.  That’s unique.  FacePress even allows for front end submissions, letting registered users directly post from their profile page.  Whether it’s video, images, audio text or attachments, users can post just about anything they’d like to post.

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Sensational, Fashion Magazine, Blog and WooCommerce Ready Theme by Templafied

This theme is called Sensational, it’s a bold blog and magazine theme for fashion critics and fashion bloggers, travel destinations and travel writers and more.  The Sensational WordPress theme can be a perfect fit for a wide range of websites.

As Paul McCartney said ‘in this ever changing world in which we live in’…you need to up your WordPress game with a great looking theme.  Sensational saves you time and money by being a fantastic value, a great way to create a site very fast and without messing around with the code.  How much is a WordPress theme worth to you, in terms of time saved?  For me, it’s a lot, so it’s worth it.  It may be different for you.

So, let’s take a look at some of the demo sites that are included with Sensational.


Sensational WordPress Default Magazine Theme

Very professional, very straightforward magazine theme.  What kind of WordPress magazine would you create?  News?  Fashion?  Sports?  I’m into all of that.


Sendational WordPress Travel Blog and Magazine Theme

The Travel blog example is a boxed design, attractive enough I suppose, but I actually don’t like that headline font and that map background image is fairly cheesy.  Fortunately, you can swap those elements out pretty easily.


Sensational WordPress theme for writers

Simple, to the point.  Hey, blogs are about writing so I think the small images are nice, it doesn’t get in the way of the content as much as some themes tend to do with massive images.  if you’re writing, do you really want to spend $15 or more on a high resolution image from a stock footage place?  Me neither.

For those interested in additional WordPress writers themes, check out our collection.


Sensational WordPress Fashion Blog Theme

The Fashion blog example may be my favorite aside from the default magazine layout.  Not much to say besides that, it’s a swell looking theme.  Fashion magazines are big business.  If you’re getting into the act, you need a fantastic theme.  While I love the layout of Sensational’s fashion magazine demo, I realize that not all tastes are the same.  Some may be looking for something else.  For you, I present our collection of fashion blog themes.  You may find something you like even better in that collection, which we update often.  So stay tuned.


Sensational WordPress political news theme

I should note, this is more about political articles, not political campaigns.  But it’s an okay looking design.  Somewhat boring for me.


Sensational WordPress WooCommerce Shop Theme

And that’s the WooCommerce page.  Great fit with the default layout.  I think it’s simple enough, clear enough and well laid out.  I like it.  For more WooCommerce ready themes, have a look at this collection.

Here’s a look at some of the great features offered by Sensational.


So, what say you?  I think Sensational is a pretty slick looking theme and I love the preset designs.  If you do decide to purchase this theme, we’d love to see how you use it.  Let us know in the comments!

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HyperX, Premium Quality WordPress Multipurpose Theme by Templafied

Here’s HyperX, a fantastic theme that is the complete package of refined design excellence, sweetly coded responsive layout, attractive, feature packed multi-page web design.  This theme is right on the money, whether you want to create a website for corporate use, personal blogs or resume pages to highlight your particular set of skills, freelance creative portfolios or regular folks who want to highlight their work, be it writing, photography or something else.  HyperX will permit you to set up quickly and run successfully, a fantastic looking theme with either full-width layout or a boxed design.  That flexibility allows you to make the design fit your concept, not the other way around.  Building an online fine-art gallery?  Definitely do-able.  Making a product focused blog site?  Easily done as well, all it takes is a little patience and a great theme like HyperX.  Control background images, colors, graphics, logos, icons, light versions, dark versions, weather, layout and more in this genre defining theme.  Make the best first impression you can to every visitor you see with this well crafted theme.


There are many more features in the HyperX download package, making it among the simplest to implement and most valuable themes you can purchase on the market today.  The theme is still intuitive and simple to set up, even if you choose to use very single feature offered, because the Visual, and we do meet visual, Composer plugin makes it so easy to make a layout you love.  Just drag, then drop content modules where you want them and you’re done.  It’s designing without the need to learn how to code, or even design for that matter.  Add some widgets, you know you want to.  What kind do you want?  They’ve got a widget for embedding video from Vimeo or Youtube, a Flickr recent images widget, advertising widgets to help make some cash from Adsense, Twitter, Instagram and more, like recent posts and recent work widgets which make it easy enough to get all your best information to the eyes of the reader.

Let’s have a longer look at some of the wide variety of features that HyperX has to offer.

Main features:

  • Best WordPress Portfolio Theme since 2015,  Award Winner and nominee on various awards multiple times!
  • Best Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme – adapted to any Screen or Device
  • Minimal responsive and Lightweight
  • Create amazing Agency portfolio, Artists Portfolio, Architecture Portfolio, Business Portfolio,  Cartoon Portfolio, Creative Portfolio, Designer Portfolio, Developer Portfolio,  Graphic Designer Portfolio, Photography Portfolio, Photographer Portfolio, Painter Portfolio , Resume Portfolio, Web developer Portfolio, Illustrator Portfolio, Cv Portfolio, Engineer Portfolio, any kind Personal Portfolio, Fashion Portfolio, Design Portfolio, Freelancer Portfolio, Architectore Portfolio, Film Maker Portfolio
  • Woocommerce ready, create amazing Woo Commerce shop Isotope Grid
  • Isotope Filter ready
  • Isotope Grid ready, create and control amazing Thumbnail Grid, Zoom effect ready
  • Ability to create Fullscreen, Full page Portfolio
  • Minimal Design
  • Minimalistic Clean UI elements
  • One Page / Single Page ready /Onepage Parallax Effect ready.
  • Parallax effect ready for other custom pages
  • Revolution Slider – create amazing sliders
  • Visual Composer ready
  • Ultimate Addons ready
  • Lightweight Portfolio Template
  • Create Youtube Portfolio, Vimeo Portfolio ,  self hosted Video Portfolio
  • Ability to create Blog, Portfolio and Shop togeather
  • Html 5 Ready
  • Seo Ready
  • Create amazing Landing Page
  • Create Masonry Grid
  • Your Website will be eye catching for everyone!
  • One of the easy to use Portfolio Theme WordPress on the market
  • Fast loadign, speed optimized Portfolio WordPress Theme

Hyper-X is at it’s basics, a simple and very easy to use theme, created for lots of kinds of websites.  Beginners and experts alike can take advantage of the WordPress Live Theme Customizer, Hyper-X gives you the uncanny ability to create almost any kind of Portfolio, eCommerce site, Magazine or Blog layout.  All rapidly and without code knowledge.  Hey, what about getting started quicker?  That’s possible too.  Even the pre-made designs are great and work well for all sorts of sites.

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Base by Templafied

Minimal in design, Base is a really solid foundation that will be an ideal fit for nearly any sort of website.  That minimalist style means your content is really the star of the show, it’s definitely what matters most.  When you allow the content to shine through, it’s because the actual styling of the entire theme is modern, sleek and quite simple.  Simply put, the website gets to the point, with zero distractions.

But there’s a very important purpose to that incredibly simple, modernist style: to make sure your visitors are fully able to concentrate on your site’s content with no distractions of any kind, getting fully immersed in your blog or portfolio, as the case may be.

All of that makes for a simple blog that delivers what you need to and give a first impression that is fantastic, on each and every page or post on your website, for every single visitor.

The Base WordPress theme contains a solid and strong theme options framework and plenty of various choices to allow you to customize your web site as you see fit. That is a fine effect and today it is practically compulsory to offer a responsive theme so that viewers who access your site with devices like Androids and iPhones, will have a great experience too.  Since the preponderance of hand-held devices is so widespread, you really have to have a responsive theme to make the most of your hard work. Post formats, custom widget spots and even customized headers, backgrounds, text blocks and more, mean this theme is easy to use, strong enough for a smart way for anyone to grow your company profile and get new business.  Base theme was designed to be straightforward to customize via the usage of ‘child themes’, so it is going to not break or look weird even if WordPress alters their code.  Your website will not bust, but continue to look great, every time. That is an amazing characteristics to comfort to you, since fixing a broken site is no fun at all. In general, Base is a fantastic theme if you value a broad variety of readily customized attributes and creative flexibility to use.

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Essenza by Templafied

Essenza is one of those themes with premium design, responsive in every way, with a lovely grid style layout and almost an infinite number of ways it can be customized.  That’s a truly multipurpose theme if you as us.  Essenza offers a template customizer as well as a drag and drop page builder to get your designs off the ground in a hurry.  Unlimited fonts make for fantastic typography and the light and dark skin variations can be installed with just one click, so you’re going to have your new website online in no time flat.  This portfolio theme has an amazing level of versatility, there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish with this theme.  There are four variations demonstrated on the website, a creative portfolio, a corporate demo, minimal design version as well as a personal blog theme, which focuses the attention on your personal portfolio and writings.

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Polo, All Around All-Purpose WordPress Theme by Templafied

theme.crumina.net-POLO The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

Polo is a Word Press theme that provides you with a fantastically large number of choices in page layout, header styles, font choices, and short codes. The simple idea is making a single page that stands out for your business, blog, or anything else. A page that presents you at your best and has the connections to all you do and sell is an irresistible sales tool.

All web pages do not have to look the same. The whole idea is to pick a page that makes you and what you offer stand out above your competition. Polo provides 120 different page layout designs. You can fit one to existing layouts on your social media pages or select a model that screams pick me.

Polo provides your clients and viewers with a seamless visual experience regardless of the operating system or device they are using. Your visual presentations are always crisp and clear. Graphic, photo, and video presentations can be customized to be navigated like you want them to be presented.

A slider is included in Polo so finger control is available to people who want it. Design is simple. You pick your pictures, pick your layout, pick the font you want, choose the color scheme, pick menus, and select short cuts from a menu driven system. Drag and drop what you want into the prepared slot and your page is ready.

Shortcuts get people to the pages that you want them to read. Menus can be manipulated by you to present the most important aspects of your business or ideas in a neat and pertinent manner. Polo is designed to do the search engine optimization for you and produce higher placement on result pages.

The Polo difference is choice. Everything on your landing page is under your control. You can even pick the page loader icons that fit your business, blog, and style. The theme was designed to make choice the norm. Being different gets you noticed. That is the simple concept for this theme.

Change is inevitable in business, blogs, or any function that needs a web page. Tastes, trends, and styles dictate change. Polo lets you change parts of your page to fit the latest trends or change your entire page to a new and totally different mode of presentation with minimal effort.

Fast is a necessity for you. Slow pages get left to die. The Polo design loads your page as fast as any page that has the backing of a huge room full of servers. Speed keeps viewers enthralled and enthusiastic.

Polo works for bloggers, business people, politicians, and anyone that needs to promote with minimal cost and little effort. The choice of modes of display and the ability to make quick changes makes the theme one of the most competition driven themes available.

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Azoom by Templafied

Azoom animated WordPress Theme

Azoom is clean, corporate and it includes something really unique, a curvy slider. Cool!

Azoom is considered to be one of the best choices for those who want a professional and reliable WordPress theme. Azoom will surely help to improve the quality of your website, while allowing you to attract more views. With the various options Azoom offers, you are going to be spoiled for choice. Header models which allow for multiple layouts, a Mobile menu, an intuitive Mega Menu and plenty of font icons to choose from, are just some of the things you will notice with Azoom.


There is also the Sticky menu feature, image support and even an Ajax search function available. Azoom allows users to add animations, and now with the addition of bbPress they can even design personal forum pages. All this with just a couple of mouse clicks – it is super simple and very straightforward! There is also the advanced customization possible from the Advanced Theme Options. Here site owners can also get to change the header models, the color scheme and even use one of their logos. With the Side navigation function a more streamlined browsing experience is enabled.

Azoom is fully optimized for search engines. It comes with special tags which will definitely help to ensure better results as you will get noticed more. In fact SEO implementation is one of the main features for Azoom. This is something that definitely helps any portfolio website to do much better.

Feature List


The real game changer. Beyond a slider, more like an animation builder. Curvy is the only slider on the market to let you build curved animations. This precious slider is only included in Azoom Theme.  WordPress Flat Themes, Simple, Clean, Modern and Minimal


Let’s change the rules. Best WordPress Theme features are here. Side navigation is easy to use with Azoom. Why not stuck in one page menu only? With Azoom you can do more. By using Rock Page Builder, you can add side navigation to pages easily. Side navigation will let you display the important sections on your page.


Break the boundaries. Azoom lets you add your content above the header area. Not only slider, but just like a regular content. You can use Rock Page Builder for adding content above header. Fits awesome for full screen layouts.


You can use Azoom in your WordPress Multi Site. Azoom works under your WPMU beautifully. Our Rock Page Builder, Curvy Slider and Rock Form Builder also works under WordPress Multi Site.  WordPress Premium Themes, High Quality, MultiPurpose


You can now build your Under Construction page with Rock Page Builder. We also got a special Under Construction Page. You can check it out here


You can enable left menu features in our Theme Options. Just with one click you can turn your website to a left menu website. It is that easy with best wordpress theme features come with Azoom. You can also check out our Allefty Demo to see left menu live!

Whew!  That’s a lot of great features!

WordPress Architecture Themes

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Trader, Clean, Responsive One Page Creative Theme by Templafied

www.templatemonster.com-Speaker - Life Coach WordPress Theme #65846

Clean, nice, attractive.  That’s what I look for in a potential friend, why not look for the same thing in a potential web template?  Well, now you can – with Trader.

Trader is nice, it’s simple and funny, it makes good money, it’s courteous and respectful.  I’m not sure any of that is actually true, but it is a nice looking, simple corporate theme that could be the right choice for your business.  I’m not going to say this theme is minimalist, but you can see minimalism from there.

The Trader WordPress theme is flexible in it’s layout, with an infinite number of variants you can choose from.  With single page or multi page designs, you’re in charge of nearly everything you want to present and how you want to present it.

Get in there and make an awesome website with Trader!

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