Fat Moon, Creative WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme by Templafied

barcelona wordpress simple minimal grid theme

For any photographer or creative, FatMoon is the perfect Word Press web template. The beauty of the theme is that it allows you to showcase your best work all in a sleek and sophisticated design. You can decide what pictures you want your customers or viewers to see when they visit. You can easily move them around. Get creative! Get fancy! This is the perfect template to show off all of your hard work.

The FatMoon template is invaluable to photographers or people who want to showcase pictures as the main focus of their website. You can easily combine both pages and sliders to create a unique website that fits your personality and purpose. Whether you want an entire page of pictures, or just one picture blown up on the screen as your homepage, with FatMoon you can easily do it.

Any portraiture-based business has to have an online presence. Having a tool like this template is the perfect way to showcase your brand. The value to a web template this easy to maneuver and design is that as you create new works of art, you can easily swap them out. Let’s say you have a featured picture or item every week. With a few drag-and-drops you can alter your website to make any changes needed. In fact, any aspect of the template can be modified via the easiest of steps.

The beauty of Word Press is that it’s for people with little- to no programming or web design experience. It’s easy and straightforward interface make it the perfect tool to set up your website for you. All you have to do is find the right template and get to work. Plus Word Press has a plethora of extra add-ons and plug-ins that can help you make the most functional website possible for your business.

The responsiveness built into the template also is going to offer you a great value. Think of your visitors who can click on different placeholders and immediately be taken to the cost of the item, details of its creator or any other information you want to share with your market. Even if you are a demanding user who alters your brand constantly, this is the website that can grow with you and make you look great!

On top of its ease of use, the template comes with 6-months of customer service. That is plenty of time to get your website up and running. It also gives you time to troubleshoot any problems you have and ask customer service to help you fix them. It’s a great design at a cost-efficient price. Test out FatMoon web template and you’ll love having a website that is great looking and shows off your creations perfectly!

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Revoke2 by Templafied

Revoke2 Grid Portfolio Theme

Tesla Themes’ Revoke 2 is completely redesigned from the ground up. The result, a great looking theme with clean, well organized grid layout.

Revoke2 is a great looking theme from Tesla Themes and if you follow this blog closely, you know they’re among my favorite theme makers around.  The stuff they create is consistently of high quality, their support is incredible and their themes are very, very reliable too.  With outstanding support and documentation, you can really go with the flow…if the flow is building a high quality personal blog website and then sitting back and creating tons of incredible content, while watching the traffic spike.

Tesla Themes says this about their theme.

Revoke is still one of our most popular and most sold WordPress themes. We decided to give it a new breath and build a new, more flexible, functional and stylish theme that you can use for your personal or business website. We’re happy to introduce you to Revoke2 – a brand new beautiful WordPress theme with lots of great features.

We have taken the Revoke andupgraded it by extending its grid to 1170 px (you can also choose to display the full width layout), adding eCommerce functionality, packing it with Revolution slider, making it translation ready and adding lots of shortcodes, custom posts and extra features that will allow you to customize and set up a fully featured blog or website.

Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, responsive design, tons and tons of widgets, a simple to use framework (Tesla Framework) and many more options, that’s what makes Revoke2 such a high quality WordPress theme.

So, symbolically adopt Revoke2 as your website template of choice, you’re going to love what you get with this download.

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Cre8or by Templafied

cre8or wordpress grid themes

Cre8or is a simple, clean, fast loading theme with a beautiful grid layout style.  Create amazing stuff with style, energy and fun.  That’s what Cre8or is all about.

Tesla Themes has crafted another awesome theme for WordPress, this one is called Cre8or.  This minimalist portfolio template is full of white space.  (Is that actually possible?)  Cre8or is a portfolio theme that’s got tons of features and allows display of your products and projects in a professional grid layout that’s as impressive to look at as it is easy to use.  Tesla Themes is rightly proud of this template and this is what they have to say about what Cre8or has to offer creatives of all kinds.

CRE8OR is a modern portfolio-style template with beautifull typography and attention to detail. Showcase your latest works in a creative and charming way. Built with creatives in mind, CRE8OR is suitable for a personal, agency or studio show off of photos, videos or complete projects.

Creative and fun, Cre8or has five different post styles to choose from, each one highlighting your content in a slightly different way.  Cre8or makes sure whatever you want, you can have it.  Within reason, of course.

Cre8or makes it very simple to adjust colors and fonts, providing the fabric of a website that you can really adapt and mold to what you envision.

What else is there to say?  Well, okay, Cre8or is optimized for rapid page load speeds, there are a multitude of built in short codes, you get amazing support and documentation with Cre8or and Cre8or also supports localization for multiple languages.  How about the price?  Well, Cre8or starts at a reasonable $58 for just this theme, though you can get a developer license for $99 or a lifetime supply of all 67 themes for $299.  A bargain!

So, that’s the review.  What do you think about Cre8or?  Too simple for your taste or just what you’ve been looking for?  Let us know in the comments.

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365, Bold Grid WordPress Photography Theme by Templafied

365 Photography

A truly unique and creative WordPress photography theme.  Hope you have a big portfolio because 365 doesn’t mess around.  You’ll be able to display tons of images with this theme.  This innovative, very easy to use, flexible, reliable and beautiful portfolio theme from FrogsThemes helps you to promote existing goods, advertise new merchandise, contact potential customers, build your company and administer shipping and inventory and a lot more.

Uniquely Designed Bold, Daring WordPress Themes

This beautiful WordPress theme for photographers should be considered for any style of amazing portfolio and imagery web-site you want. With a beautiful design and a wide variety of features, it would work amazingly well as a style blog, a news blog or maybe a personal blogging page. With a gorgeous, effective arrangement and plentiful features to help to make writing simple. In case you are not a WordPress coding professional, it’s possible to improve this design to provide it with the features you are looking for your site to possess. Your viewers will love the style of this blog, the convenient navigation, the advanced and well coded layout, the clear code, the simple layout and a lot more.

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News Grid by Templafied

newsgrid wordpress grid news theme

News Grid is packed with a bunch of easy to configure options to make your site unique and truly stand out from the rest!

Welcome to the wonderful world of News Grid, a well organized WordPress news and news magazine theme.  This responsive gem is easy to use, it’s completely suited for any type of content website, with lifestyle magazines, news stories and other topical…well…topics firmly in mind.  News Grid is a Bootstrap 3 based theme, which means the code is well crafted, bloat free and stable as can be.  As with all Bootstrap themes, New Grid is responsive, so it looks great on all sizes of screens.

With News Grid, you get seven basic homepage styles from which to choose and, if you hadn’t guessed by the name of this theme, the grid style layout is heavily featured.  Colors?  Oh, they’re completely unlimited and to go with those unlimited colors, you get over 200 Google fonts, ready to go right out of the box.  For navigation, you’re also covered.  Premium Mega Menu is bundled with the theme, as is a premium ratings system and a premium quality social media plugin, helping to integrate all of your social media in one place.

You’ve got tons of options with regard to the headers too, parallax image hero, video hero and flex slider hero headers are all available.

Developed by Siiimple, this theme has a 4.36 rating on ThemeForest, with just over 400 sales since it’s release.  This is what the developer says about their theme.

News Grid is very powerful theme built on the latest Bootstrap 3.0 framework. It is fully responsive, comes with 7 different home page layout options, unlimited color schemes, 200+ Google Fonts, unlimited gallery templates, Premium Kodda Mega Menu is included, which has full style customizability and is by far the easiest mega menu to setup. News Grid also includes an extensive WordPress Advanced Rating System. News Grid is packed with a bunch of easy to configure options to make your site unique and truly stand out from the rest!

Which is nice and all, but I notice that this theme hasn’t been updated since 2015, which could be a sign of bad things.  Then again, if this theme looks the way you want it to loo, there should be no issues with keeping it loading up fast, looking great and helping you run a successful online business.

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Infinity Grid by Templafied

This theme is part of our collection of video WordPress themes.  Though, considering the name, perhaps we should add it to the collection for grid layout WordPress themes too?

Infinitygrid Theme Demo WordPress personal blog with grid style

InfinityGrid was designed for the average, everyday personal blogger with a great Pinterest inspired look and user friendly features.

Infinity grid.

InfinityGrid was designed for the personal blogger. The advanced theme options area makes it very easy to navigate and set up the theme which is perfect for the novice WordPress user.  XML file/demo content & admin panel demo options have been included with this theme to make for a quick and easy install.

The rating of Infinity Grid is a stellar 4.85 and with over 500 downloads and counting, that actually means something.  The design of the Infinity Grid theme is one that’s modern and fun, I love the sort of Polaroid look to the images, it gives a really fun, neat feel to your images, your blog posts and video clips.  It doesn’t matter how big your images are, or video files, audio files, posts, the size is adjusted to fit your image, so you get a really neat effect for anything you create.

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Sleek by Templafied

Sleek Responsive & Creative WordPress Blog Theme

You’re going to have to look at the demo for this one, the picture doesn’t make sense once you’ve seen the theme demo.

Sleek is what it says it is, a sleek and modern, fully functional and well made theme for portfolio and blogs alike.  I really love the blog design, it’s light and airy, breezy even.  The design is minimal but it’s anything but boring.  With a wide variety of stylish variations possible, Sleek is a great theme for creative websites for personal blogs or portfolio sites, not to mention small creative agencies.  Sleek can do whatever you want it to do.  Pay special attention to the grid layout option, one of the best portfolio styles around.

Here’s what the developer has to say about Sleek.

Sleek is creative and responsive blogging wordpress theme, built to bring functionality and style into the blog. Sleek?s smart layout makes use of full screen size, while making a sidebar fixed and independent in scrolling. With enabled sidebar comments, Sleek makes commenting much more prominent and substantial part of a blog. Lightweight, mobile-first layout progressively enhances across all screen sizes to bring native & smooth experience on any device, accompanied with a full retina support. AJAX navigation and AJAX comments bring speed, animation and interactivity for a full UX.

Sleek has multiple blog layouts – including a minimal list and masonry. The Post formats are distinctively designed to bring variety and richness to the content, both in a single view and in listings. With the Tweet post format support, Sleek brings appealing integration of tweeting into a blog. Category and Tag pages can have customized headings, with supported featured images and description for a distinctive and styled blog archiving.

For an advanced usage and page creating Sleek offers grid system, shortcoded elements and custom blog lists, to support custom page building.

Carefully crafted with best coding and WordPress practices in mind, Sleek is intuitive with selected and thought-out editor/admin settings and theme options. It?s translation-ready, SEO optimized with semantic HTML5 markup. Sleek Theme comes with a full documentation and amazing support.

So, with over 1300 sales and a nearly perfect 4.9 rating on ThemeForest, Sleek is a well made and really great choice for your portfolio site.

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Kabuto by Templafied

Kabuto – Premium WordPress Theme by OnionEye

Onion Eye’s Kabuto theme is a very nice, slim and trim, clean and white WordPress portfolio theme with a great grid layout.

Kabuto, it sounds like a Poke Mon character, but what it actually is is a clean and simple looking grid portfolio theme for WordPress.  Kabuto is an absolute dream for creative folks who want the best looking WordPress theme they can have, but who want a great looking theme that doesn’t break the bank.  That’s what Kabuto delivers.

With over 800 sales, and counting, Onion Eye has crafted a bigtime hit with Kabuto.  The design is a big reason why it gets a whopping 4.43 average rating on ThemeForest, but so many themes look good and don’t get that kind of rating.  So what does Kabuto have that other themes are lacking?  I think a huge part of it, the lion’s share, is the support Onion Eye provides.  I’ve read a bunch of reviews and everybody seems to cite the support as a huge positive.

Here’s what Onion Eye says about their theme.

Kabuto is a gorgeously minimalistic, clean, and responsive WordPress portfolio theme. Quick to setup and easy to customize, thanks to a detailed manual, and the carefully structured code, Kabuto is the perfect theme for showcasing your work in an elegantly beautiful way.

Kabuto has got you covered on all fronts, so if you ever get stuck on anything, rest assured that you’re going to get the help of a professional, if and when you need it, because Kabuto comes with excellent customer support.

Kabuto is responsive and Retina ready, it’s carefully handcrafted and the code is really clean and well documented.  SEO is a really big focus of Kabuto, the fast loading times will make it easy to rank.  Easier anyway, ranking is always difficult.  But rest easy, you’ll get there!

The theme options are unbranded, which is great for theme developers who want to create a website for a client.

All in all, this is a strong recommend.

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Fabriq by Templafied

Fabriq is a delightful WordPress theme for personal blogs, coffee shops and other tasty amazing things.

If you want the perfect theme for sharing stories, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at Fabriq.  this theme is all about whatever you’re into, from food to fashion, travel and photography, lifestyle blogs and more. Inspiration comes from a lot of different places and sharing that inspiration with others is vitally important.  Fabriq knows this and isn’t afraid to help share that inspiration with a bold yet simple, well organized style.  For personal blogs, you could do a lot worse than Fabriq.  But don’t try to do worse, that’s not smart.

Oh yeah, I’ve read that coffee shops are that’s one of the strengths of Fabriq.  There’s something about Fabriq that’s special, more than one thing really.  The grid layout that’s so completely well designed, that’s a big part of it.

Responsive, retina ready, great on mobile devices or traditional laptops and desktops, Fabriq looks great no matter how your readers access your site.  I love the grid blog styles, whether boxed, masonry, metro, you name it.  WooCommerce ready, Fabriq is even good for eCommerce sites.  Fabrioq can be adjusted in terms of fonts, colors, layouts and more, there are tons of premium plugins included for helping make a memorable website.

The developer of Fabriq is Red Brush, here’s their description of this Fabriq theme.

Fabriq is one of the Powerful, Clean and Creative WordPress blog themes. Tell us your unique story about travel, inspirations, food, fashions news, photos, weddings and everyday moments from all over the world. Let’s make your blog the source of inspiration. This theme can be easily installed to start your personal or magazine blog within one click.

Fabriq hasn’t exactly been popular, it’s just now closing in on 70 sales, but the rating is a solid 4.4 stars, which is above average.  Post formats, parallax backgrounds, multiple blog layouts, Fabriq’s features just keep getting better and better.

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Helium, Simple and Modern Grid Portfolio Theme by Templafied

Helium WordPress Theme

The Helium WordPress theme uses Bootstrap 3 technology to create a fully customizable structure and design for people who regularly write in a blog and creative professionals. It functions well with any WordPress from 3.9 and more recent. Full responsiveness offers a clear and accessible website to anyone who visits it on their phones, tables, laptops or desktop computers. Clarity and correctness of color come from the retina ready capabilities. Helium offers three options when it comes to building a portfolio, multiple incredible blog layouts and a menu navigation systems powered by AJAX. Non-designers can still create impressive web pages using the intuitive Page Builder that allows for a never-ending number of structural options with a few clicks.

Besides that great DIY layout editor, Helium also integrates with the WordPress Customizer. A robust shortcode collection allows for quick copy and paste inclusion of a whole host of unique elements and features. Some of these include various text box styles like tabbed and accordion, progress bars and alert boxes and pricing tables. Full edit options also exist for banner design, page backgrounds, header structure and style and more.

Clean and optimized code makes sites load quickly. On-board search engine optimization and social media integration help get the word out about the website and attract organic traffic. It has integrated translation options and is WPML compatible. Helium also comes complete with various plugins such as RoyalSlider, Isotope, GSAP and Easy Digital Downloads for selling internet-based products or printable merchandise. The Helium WordPress theme’s ultimate ability to offer the precise structure, layout and style perfect for any business type make it a great choice for professional websites.

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